US Thalidomide Survivors is a nonprofit organization run by volunteer members. We offer two membership levels.

Survivor Membership

If you were born or currently live in the U.S. and believe your birth defects were caused by your mother taking thalidomide during pregnancy, we invite you to join us for mutual support.


  • Voting rights. Members are eligible to run for the US Thalidomide Survivors Board of Directors and its executive committee. Survivor level members vote for board members and on other matters as needed.
  • Invitation to events. Survivor members receive discounts on lodging and meals for our annual gathering.
  • A private discussion group for mutual support and information exchange.
  • Contact information for other survivors (as allowed by individuals).
  • Access to experts in the study and treatment of thalidomide injuries or related fields such as orthopedics.
  • Access to a library of historic documents related to the U.S. thalidomide tragedy.
  • Participation in our public campaign to obtain recognition and compensation for our injuries.

$35 per year


Supporter Membership


If you are interested in learning more about the US Thalidomide tragedy or supporting the US Thalidomide Survivors mission, we invite you to join as a Supporter.


  • Access to a library of thousands of pages of news articles and other historic documents related to the U.S. thalidomide tragedy. Gathered by volunteer members from many sources over a period of 7+ years, this collection will save any interested party many hours of research and per-page access fees. In some cases, copyright law prevents us from publishing them outside our group.
  • Opportunities to contact our membership for research or to promote a product or service appropriate for our needs such as medical or disability services or adaptive equipment.

$75 per year