USTS launches campaign to find survivors

by | Nov 14, 2021

This week, US Thalidomide Survivors launches a nationwide Facebook campaign to try to locate — as many as possible — thalidomide survivors in our country!

The campaign consists of two Facebook posts, featuring two of our non-profit organization officers (Gwen Riechmann, VP, and JoJo Calora, President), and asks “Do you believe you are a U.S. survivor of the drug thalidomide?” By clicking on the post’s button, viewers will be redirected to our website form (link here), where our organization is gathering data to determine the actual extent of thalidomide damage in the United States.

The two posts state the following information:

Join the movement to set our story straight. Visit today.

Were you born in the United States between December, 1956 and December, 1967, with limb deformities or other birth defects? US Thalidomide Survivors wants to hear from you. Fill out our online form and we will contact you. Please share this post!

The posts will be boosted widely, from coast to coast, in major cities that distributed thalidomide samples in the late 1950s and early 1960s; but USTS will also be counting on “shares” of the post to increase its organic reach.

The goal? We want to find everyone affected! We are looking for an accurate count as we prepare to launch advocacy efforts on behalf of survivors in the US.

If you believe you are a survivor, and have not yet been counted, please fill out the form today. A fellow survivor will contact you. Please be patient; we are an all-volunteer organization, and we are doing our best with a very big issue!

If you need technical assistance, please email questions to:



John Marshall

Most of us participated in a guided tour of the US Capitol Building. Most impressive, in my opinion, was the Rotunda, the infamous domed circular room in the center of the Capitol. The historical paintings i.e., the Declaration of Independence along with the statues and busts of former presidents were impressive. BUT no one could resist looking up!

The conference was a jam-packed three days ending with a “roaming” dinner in the hotel. The term is used lightly, as it turns out, we have a party animal in our midst. Our fearless leader, JoJo Calora, had quite the set-up in his room. He had karaoke goin’ on. He also cranked up the tunes and blasted out heavy metal! Did you know there’s a song about thalidomide? It’s called “Prescribing Horror” by Exodus. You shouldn’t listen to it before you go to sleep. LOL! Fortunately, no neighbors complained, and fun was had by all. Although there was food, snacks, and drinks in three other rooms, people didn’t roam much. JoJo had the fun room! Can’t wait for next year!

Robert Gamble, JoJo and Elizabeth


We consider this conference successful! We are moving forward with our campaign and we can’t do it alone. We need YOUR help! Write your senators and representatives! Tell your friends what we have learned. One person could be the link we need to be heard. Be a part of our success story!

Need assistance with this process? Please call our info line (612-440-1920) and we’ll connect you with our legislative committee!