We welcome any person with birth defects caused by their mother taking thalidomide, and those with similar birth defects.

Members receive a periodic newsletter including information about events, health issues experienced by other thalidomide survivors and evolving scientific discoveries about thalidomide.

Your Annual Membership covers one year from your date of registration. We will remind you via email when your subscription is about to expire so you can renew your membership if you wish.

US Thalidomide Survivors (USTS) is a volunteer-run organization with no paid staff. Your annual membership fee helps cover our nonprofit operating costs.

Survivor - $24
One that self-identifies as a thalidomide survivor.
Has voting rights.
Supporter - $48
This group includes individuals who are not survivors personally but decide to support the nonprofit financially.
Supporters may include non-survivor partners along with other family members or friends of a survivor.
Supporters may attend meetings but do not have voting rights.
Professional -$100
Individuals who are involved professionally in fields relevant to the mission of the nonprofit, such as medical professionals, disability advocates, etc. Professionals support the nonprofit financially and have access to the information obtained and maintained through the nonprofit’s efforts.
Professionals may attend meetings but do not have voting rights.
Corporate - $500
Institutions that decide to support the nonprofit financially. Such members will be identified by their logo and brief description on the nonprofit’s website.