London Times story about US Thalidomide Survivors

by | Mar 25, 2020

The London Times published a story today about US Thalidomide Survivors. The Times New York correspondent Will Pavia was struck by the contrast between the US Survivors experience when compared with UK Survivors.

In the UK, survivors were recognized and compensated in the 1970s. Their struggles are well-known to the public and many of the survivors have known each other for decades. The Thalidomide Trust provides research and support for people with birth defects caused by their mother taking thalidomide during pregnancy.

About US Thalidomide Survivors

U.S. Thalidomide Survivors began as a private Facebook group in June 2016. Today, it provides information and peer support for thalidomide survivors born or currently living in the United States. An annual gathering is held in rotating regions of the United States. Members may also participate in groups and events with thalidomide survivors from around the world.

If you believe you or someone you know was born with defects caused by thalidomide, please email or call 612-440-1920.
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Written by US Thalidomide Survivors