MERMAID A Memoir of Resilience: Washington Post Review

Written by Carolyn Farmer Sampson

Carolyn is a thalidomide survivor born in the United States in 1962. She is communications director for US Thalidomide Survivors.


February 14, 2014

Eileen Cronin was 3 years old when she noticed that, unlike her siblings, she had no legs. Like most thalidomide survivors in the United States, Eileen was told by her mother that her disability was God’s will. She only discovered the true cause of her birth defects later in life.

Eileen’s new book, “MERMAID A Memoir of Resistance” was recently reviewed by the Washington Post

Eileen is a member of US Thalidomide Survivors, a nonprofit that supports people with birth defects caused by their mother taking thalidomide, a sleeping pill, in early pregnancy.

Read the Washington Post review.

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