Starting with Childhood Trauma (then onto Human Resilience)

by | Mar 20, 2021

Plan to tune in to the next USTS Online Speaker Series session! Daisy Polido, LMFT, will deliver a seminar specially tailored for Thalidomide survivors, who often deal with unresolved childhood trauma. Mark your calendars for March 27, 2021, 8am PDT, 11am EDT, and 4pm for our friends in the UK.

The following is a synopsis from Daisy:

“Regardless of you who you are, the color of your skin, your level of education or age, everyone goes through different trials and tribulations. Sometimes we walk away from these events stronger and other times we need help to come through the other side. These traumatic events can be big or small, but the resulting symptoms (depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, self-injury, lack of motivation or lack of hope) can impact every part of your life.

The goal is to transition you from a place of discontent to a place of healing. I’m trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy. I’m passionate about treating trauma and most of my focus is in healing people from the traumatic events that often shape and direct their lives. My graduate studies focused on the effects of trauma throughout the lifespan. Initially, my practice focused on intervening in the early stages and I primarily worked with children ages 0 to 5 and their families. Often intervening in the early stages helps build the resilience needed later in life.

My research and focus for the past three years has been on the intersection between trauma and suicidal ideation, as well as self-injurious behaviors. My journey into trauma these last few years has helped me see that everyone has unique strengths and the potential to heal from trauma. Judith L. Herman says in her book Trauma & Recovery, “Recovery can take place only within the context of relationships; it cannot occur in isolation.” Through community and a therapist the experience of a healthy relationship can lead to recovery.

I will expand on the role of trauma in personality development, research on trauma, different avenues of healing, and post traumatic growth. Most importantly, I want individuals to walk away with an understanding of the role of trauma in their lives and the understanding that trauma shapes who we are but does not define us.”

This fascinating talk will cover many topics, including the brain and how it processes trauma; the ACES Study; the Chowchilla study . . . and more!

Due to potentially sensitive subject matter, you must pre-register for this event at the following link:


Daisy Polido, LMFT

Daisy Polido, LMFT

Daisy Polido is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who works out of Ventura county in California, USA. She is a graduate of California Lutheran University, with Master’s Degrees in Clinical Psychology, and in Counseling Psychology.

Written by C. Jean Grover

C. Jean Grover is a marketing professional, mother of 4, and US thalidomide survivor born in 1962.